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October 16, 2008


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stacy lee

He sounds so much like my Daddy. Never have I heard a cross word about the "smartest man in the world" (at least he is to me) and I don't mind telling anyone just how much my daddy means to me. I can only imagine what it is like to not have your Dad in your life.


That was a lovely, heartwarming post. Happy birthday to him in Heaven.


Happy Birthday to your Dad!

I still think of mine in April on his birthday... there's just something about a girl's Dad that she takes with her and depends upon for the rest of her life.

Lee Ann

I hope your Daddy won't mind sharing his birthday with DH getting to be a Daddy.

It all seems right somehow. :) *hugs*


Hello hope your day was okay. I wrote my first run report about 0650. I thought hmmm, this date is important. It took a few moments to clear my scrambled head and get the message. Dad's birthday. It seems so not comprehending, that for soo long ago the pain can still runs soo deep. The longing and wanting for that feeling only a father can give. Feeling safe, secure, protected, and loved. I knew him for such a short time and only as a child can. So much we missed. How our lives would have been different. We would be different. Not that it didn't make us stronger.

I was driving to the store the other day and this country song comes on. You know me can't name a song title or vocalist to save my soul. But, it was Daddy You Can Let Go. Crying like a baby. Missing him so much. Feeling the total opposite of the song that says I can do it on my own now. I can so vivdly see him in his blue jeans, black belt, with his white shirt, and black shoes. That crooked kind of smile on his face that would spread clear across his face when you came in the room. Like you were the most important person in the world. His blond hair all silky soft in his flat top cut. Him standing out in the yard forever watering the lawn by hand with the sprinkler. He always had time for you and room whether he was mowing the lawn on the tractor or sitting in his recliner relaxing. Man I miss him more than words can describe.

Happy Birthday Daddy!

I hope your day was good.

I Love You. BIG HUG.

Love ME

Mike D.

thoughts and prayers to you and your daddy.


My most important job...being a Dad.
Happy Birthday to your Dad! Even if I do half as good a job at raising my kid,as your Dad did,I will have done well.

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