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June 26, 2008


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You'll laugh at me, but I can tell you where it comes from because I and Arthur are just as you described yourself.

Leos have an innate sense of justice.

Sometimes I think that the death penalty is wrong... like the guy that raped his step-daughter...? Death penalty is too good for him. Why should he get to peacefully float away to the next life?? I think he should be kept alive as long as possible, and some form of torture practiced on him daily.

But that's just me.

Lee Ann

I'm with you. I've long been a very strong advocate of the death penalty. Why should some scumbum get 3 free squares a day, a free bed, free education, free tv, free excercise and free legal counsel to tie up the court system and the victims have to pay, forever. There's no logic in that.

I have even come up with a streamlined process. No waiting around 20 or so years before you get the punishment you deserve. You are sentenced and found guilty. You have 5 years and 3 chances. If you fail at your 3 appeals or the 5 years expire (whichever comes first) you go directly to the room at the end of the hall.

Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200. Game over.

AND, you have to pay for everything. You've got to work in jail. And every penny (and I mean penny) you make, goes towards your food, cable, living expenses. And family and friends are limited to only matching what you make, not giving more. If you don't have enough for your tv bill, guess what? Sucks to be you, no cable. You do your laundry in your toilet bowl. That'll encourage cleanliness.

And the 3 strikes rule, I'm a big supporter of that and "use a gun, and you're done" as well. And those fall under the 3 chances/5 years rule. Under my plan, we'll get prison population down pretty darn quick. And maybe some morons would think twice before committing a crime.

I was raised in bible school with "an eye for an eye and a hand for a hand". You don't believe in the death penalty, you have that right. As Whoopie Goldber once said, YOU take care of the person. YOU house them, feed them, provide legal aid for them. And when they're done eating soup out of your skull, I'll get a deputy with a 25 cent bullet to end his life and move on with my day, and a clear conscience.

Quality Weenie

I think my father influenced me.

I just don't believe in the death penality but I believe the method of death should fit the crime.

They killed someone with a gun, they get shot.
They beat someone to death, they should be beat to death, etc, etc, etc.

As they say, an eye for an eye.


I believe in forgiving. Thing is, I believe that forgiveness belongs to the Lord, at least forgiveness for murder, etc. The forgiving does not happen in this world.

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