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April 08, 2008


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Raging Mom

Damn, I heard a little bit about that on WIFR this morning, but not as much detail.
Hey, remember the kids that beat the crap out of a girl not too long ago and one of the MOTHERS went to jail too? Yeah, the Valley.
I blame the nuke plant.


I heard about this upon my return to Rockford, the names sounded familiar, I do believe I've met both gentlemen involved before. It's a damn shame.


Yeah....those folks that beat that girl? The one MAIN mom? Lived next door to me when I lived in the Little Blue Cracker House. I just found that out too!


In Florida, the man in the house would face NO charges. If you are in your home and you kill someone in self defense, someone has broken into your home, you are in the right. Period. End of story.

I feel for that guy who killed the kid... he was so in the right. Cold as it sounds, you break into someone's home, what happens happens...


See. That is why you should come back to Florida. You think gun laws are bad in IL, you should see what they are in that other place......



How very sad. Bou is right though - they broke in and pointed a gun. Unfortunately the kids found out the hard way the consequences of stupidity. *sigh*

I live in the middle of friggin' no where. I don't feel in any danger at any time - but I always always lock my doors and try to keep tabs on my surroundings. I lived in marginally to pretty much bad places for way too long. The habits are ingrained.

Lee Ann

As long as they can show a gun in the dead kid's hands...then he was just stupid and unfortunately paid the price.

But if the house-guest had not been armed and prepared to defend himself and his friend's home, then who knows how bad this story really would have gone.

Dumb kid...big price. And the parent's will probably say things like, "He was a good boy. He would NEVER do anything like this." Right, like the guy dragged the kid in, shot him and then put a rifle in his hands...you know, cause it sounded cool.

I'm telling you...cut out the time-out, everybody wins, keep it all sunshine, flowers and kumbaya time and get back to cross the line and I'm going to swat your ass. Keep it up and you'll understand what a "switch" is and I'm not talking about the one on the wall!

Worried about the state of the world? Go back to the 70's and 80's when "hands off" parenting and being your childs "friend" became the best way. Bullsh!t. Be a parent. Your kids will grow up to respect you and then become your friend.

Sorry...slight rant. I'll put my soapbox back now.


OMG - what a tragedy!!


To add to Bou's comment. In Florida, not only would the homeowner NOT be charged, the other two boys would be charged with the third boy's murder because they were accessories to the crime.

Prayers for the quick recovery of your friend and all involved. This is a terrible situation.

Navy CPO

Tammi is there a news link so we can follow this?


I'll put the links up tomorrow morning. There was a news conf today.....

Pat in Michigan

Sorry, ain't got no pity for anyone stupid enough to break into someone's home. I got a cousin, who is in a local cemetery in this local area, because he thought he could outrun/outsmart the Police. Got his ass shot and killed.

Live by the Sword, Die by the sword...

SUCK.IT.UP as Michelle Malkin Says.



We had an incident near here where a man pried the vent hood off the roof of a house, climbed into the attic and fell through the ceiling into the house in the middle of the night.
The home owner grabbed his gun, went to investigate, found the stranger in his home, and ordered him to leave. Several times. He shouted so loud, the neighbors woke up and heard.
The stranger, while unarmed, did not leave. He wandered down the hallway. And when he entered the bedroom of the home owner's daughter, the home owner shot him.
In the back.
But not dead.

So later, the stranger was able to file suit for pain and suffering.
Fortunately, the judge laughed him out of court.

The only people who disagree with the judge are friends and family of the stranger.
Everyone else wishes the home owner had aimed a little better.

My sympathies to Travis' family.
But this house guest was not at fault.


I feel bad for the shooter, having to live with shooting a "kid" and all, but I don't have much sympathy for the little punk at. all. I'm thinking his parents didn't teach him about Consequences. I hope this is a major wake-up call for his buddies before they meet the same end.

And I hope to God the S.A. doesn't press charges against the citizen for protecting himself. He's going through enough already, I'll bet.

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