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April 22, 2008


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It's just CRAZY!! But whatever... ::shakes head / rolls eyes:: Happy Earth Day.


I'm the same way; love the planet, love nature, but the 'movement' has gotten the bit in its teeth and had its run. Let's calm the hell down and be practical now!

Navy CPO

I'm more than a little put out myself. All your eco-friendly cleaners and stuff? Don't work as well as the real stuff. I'll take my chemicals and my non-biodegradable products any day.


Could be you're getting an overdose because it's Earth Day and everyone's been leading up to today.

Hopefully, it'll ease off a bit tomorrow for you.


On behalf of the state of Wisconsin, I'd like to apologize for the political career of our former Governor and Earth Day founder, Gaylord Nelson.

May he rot in hell.


Heh heh heh... Harvey said Gaylord...

I thought you went green background for earth day? Less energy to "pixelate" green on the screen?

I had to listen to a couple people proudly confess their daily greeness today. One rode his bicycle to work. The other was goin' to eat home grown veggies tonight. I think that meant pot brownies.

Right... I felt like chimin' in with my own green story... I ate a steak last night, which helped eliminate the ozone killin' cow fartin' animals that cause global warmin' worse than car exausht, I love so much, and this morning... I ownly used one sheet, just like Sheryl Crow said.

Buzz Kill... I had to flush twice.


Now I am really upset with you people. This is just not the kind of attitude that I need right now. I am in the final stages of starting a company that will dwarf Al in greeness inginunity and I was really hoping to get the word out by telling a few of my blog friends. Just a couple weeks to go until the big unveil and you guys are tired of green.

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