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March 10, 2008


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Happy Blogiversary!

Quality Weenie

Happy Blogiversary!

So, our grandpappa's are LW and Lex?


Technically speaking, I guess you're right QW. Huh...that's almost as scary as those Harvey/Grau combos....



WOW!!! 4 years!!

Thank you my friend.....


Happy Blogiversary!!! Holy crap... where has the time gone? I still refer to my boots as my 'tall as Tammi shoes'. ;-)

stacy lee

Happy Blogiversary Tammi.


Happy Blogiversary! :)

Where has the time gone?? - I have one coming up soon too!!


Happy Blogiversary, Tammi!!! :D


Happy Blogiversary!


You and T1G were some of my first meet-in-person bloggers. It's been a good experience. Here's to many more years!

I just noticed that you're on Typepad now. Good choice. Very reliable. And like a Jewish wife...it never goes down.


Happy Blogiversary!!

You were among those who got me started, hope I can keep going for four years.


Four years. wow. I stopped counting because it was getting depressing.


Happy Blogiversary!

That 1 Guy

Congrats on four years! Holy crap!

I know you'll be doing it for a long time, too... I've never known you to run out of things to say.



Happy Blogiversary! I'd sing the HaBlogiverary Song but the dogs would start howing, then the dogs on the next street would join in, then the dogs a little further away, it would eventually reach the Mississippi and turn north. Eventually dogs would be howling all over Canada.

I don't want to start an international incident again. Mexico is still mad over me taking over the fabled Tequila Mines of Cuervo.

So I'll just say, Happy Blogiverary.


Happy Blogiversary!! I have only been reading you for about a year or so, but quickly made you a daily read.


Happy Happy Tammi. Hope to read a bunch more.

Butterfly Wife

Happy Blogiversary! What a coincident. Mine is tomorrow. I turn one!


Four more years! Four more years!


Belated Happy Blogiversary to you Tammi.

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